Our experience with SS Impress was one of its kind. Summarized – it was a pleasure working with a team of such dedicated, professional, creative and efficient individuals. Our work depends heavily on the creative and efficient solutions which provide fast, visible results. In the complex process of the management of high education programs and the production of a scientific publications, the functional platform connecting all of the actors of this process, while keeping record of the actions taken, the status of development, providing additional relevant information in timely manner is an asset that becomes indispensable. SS Impress offered precisely this in an efficient manner, completely meeting our, sometimes not so easy to meet, needs. The bottom line – they have produced an exceptional product, which renders our work that much efficient and easier. Their professionalism, openness, creativity in solving the most complex and demanding of issues, their knowledge and timeliness, makes them a company with serious plans and ambitions which will lead them to inevitable success. There is no doubt in my mind that in future we will certainly ask for their services, and that our collaboration will continue. I cannot recommend them strongly enough, they are indeed a true joy to work with.